The Coolmino system is the systematic further development of the Caminocool system.

This combined diesel-driven electricity generator and air-conditioning system exploits the existing energy better than any conventional system.

The diesel engine generator/electric motor and air-conditioning compressor components are each linked via coupling. Like in conventional systems, start-up currents are eliminated by the direct drive.

As a result of the newly developed combined generator and electric motor the system can be operated independent of the diesel engine by introducing mains voltage.

As it is fully enclosed all noise-generating components are protected.

A smaller diesel engine and generator can be selected due to the dual use of the sub-units and the eliminated start-up currents.

This saves on space, weight and ultimately cost.

A considerable noise reduction has also been achieved for mains operation due to the metal cladding of the engine and air-conditioning compressor.

The air-conditioning system can generate heat electrically or via waste heat from the engine, so energy is better utilised.

The system can optionally be fitted with diesel water heating. This ensures a significantly improved cold start capability and independent heating.

We can offer you the Coolmino concept in a highly flexible modular design or as a tunnel solution, which fits in almost any application.

These systems are exclusively distributed by ourselves and our cooperation partner SET.

For more information (download coolmino.pdf 2.0 MB)