The Caminocool system is a combined diesel-driven electricity generator and air-conditioning system.

It exploits the available energy better than any conventional system.

The diesel engine generator/electric motor and air-conditioning compressor components are linked to the coupling via a belt drive.

Like in conventional systems, start-up currents are eliminated by the direct drive.

The kinetic energy of the diesel engine is directly transferred with minimal efficiency loss.

As it is fully enclosed all noise-generating components are protected.

A smaller diesel engine and generator can be selected due to the direct drive of the compressor and the eliminated start-up currents.

The system can optionally be fitted with diesel water heating. This is supplied via the fuel supply to the electricity generator.

The waste heat utilisation of the water cooled generator ensures a performance-optimised heating operation.

The Caminocool concept is available in a highly flexible module design or as a tunnel solution, which fits in almost any application.

This system is significantly lighter, more efficient and cheaper than a comparable conventional combined generator and air-conditioning system.