Together with our partner SET we offer pioneering energy concepts for a reliable electricity supply in your application.

Superior in quality and performance, outstanding in function and safety, the SET energy concept offers you electrical power with a virtually unlimited life span, almost like from the mains. The Camino vehicle electricity generators cover a broad application spectrum with their output of 2.0 - 40 kW.

Special features

Short circuit-proof, self-excited revolving field machine, overload-proof, also in the case of high start-up currents

Maintenance-free generator

Interference-free squirrel cage rotor, no rotor effect, and as a result no thermal problems inside the generator

Alternating voltage generation through plastic film MP condensers, which are voltage-proof and puncture-proof, which means that there are no excitation problems

Dually insulated copper winding, insulation class F, drip-proof and resistant to humidity impregnated in the vacuum

Radio interference suppression in accordance with VDE standard 0875, interference level N

Absolutely clear sinus, thereby no interference in radio traffic and when operating electronically controlled equipment, such as charging devices, computers, satellite communication and navigation systems, scales, measuring probes.

We distribute and install the Camino product throughout Germany.