Special vehicles

The special construction of air-conditioning systems is part of our standard product portfolio.

We extend existing systems to suit the application by, for example, converting an existing bus air-conditioning system to stationary air-conditioning.

We also design every conceivable air-conditioning system for your show truck, control centre, mobile banking branch, art transportation vehicle, aircraft tractor, horse transport vehicle or many other applications.

We design the system to suit your needs and assemble the system on request with our team.
Assembly is carried out and documented on site in a works and assembly shop specially designed for this.

On request we are happy to carry out assembly at your premises.

In close cooperation with our customers we create application-specific systems that already meet their requirements of tomorrow.

If we have aroused your interest, why not contact us. We are bound to have an idea to suit your requirements, as special construction is our know-how.

You can see a few examples from our rich portfolio below.
We are happy to provide you with many other references on request. Please contact Mr Lünenschloss